2 in 1 Dog Seat Cover Protector

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Let them ride in style!!!

Love taking your dog for a ride? Hate the dirt, hair and muck left behind on your seats! Not to mention the scratch marks left on your seats permanently!

Say goodbye to all the mess, with this 2 in 1, Waterproof, non slip seat cover.

This seat cover is made from Heavy Duty Waterproof Nylon. Which means full protection to your seats from any scratching, dirt or water. Plus it can be set up as a bucket, so your dog has that sense or security or just flat. This Seat Cover is 17.75” X 17.75” X 22.80” or Size: 45cm X 45cm X 58cm fits all cars, trucks and SUV’s. Easy to install, Fold-able and Easy to Clean.

3 Great colors, to match any vehicle.

Your dog will be happy and you will be happy.


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