Heavy Duty Quick Release Tactical Bungee Leash - 4 Colors

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Leashes are essential for training any dog or puppy. But with the right leash, training becomes easier and less stressful for the dog and the dog owner. That is why this Tactical Leash is one of our best selling leashes for training. Take the stress out of dog training. This leash allows you to be strict but at the same time it allows your dog to have a little freedom. A win, win for you and your dog.

  • 1000D Nylon series, strong, durable but lightweight
  • Features: Training Control Handle Design, keeps your dog at your side when needed and the handle is padded for extra comfort.
  • Length 33.5" - 46.5", the bungee (elasticity) provides just enough stretch that your dog is able to explore.
  • Quick Release
  • Ideal for large, medium and yes even small dogs.

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