USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Night Safety

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Over 600,000 Dogs and Cats Were Killed On US Roads Last Year!!!


We received a special discount from our supplier. So, for a Limited time only. This USB RECHARGEABLE LED DOG COLLAR has been reduced to clear. It Will sell out fast. 

If you want to get this LED Rechargeable Dog Collar, buy today before it is too late. You may want to buy more than one at this price. 

Never Lose Sight of your dog, and make sure everyone else will be able to see your dog with this Bright Rechargeable LED Collar. It is all about keeping your dog safe. Everyone will see you walking. Easy to switch from a long glow light or a slow flashing light. The perfect collar for night walking, camping, hiking or just in the back yard.

  • Bright LED lights can be seen from a distance!
  • Helps to keep you and your your dog safe during walking!
  • Provide safety for your dogs and cats if they are out alone at night!
  • USB Rechargeable battery (cable included) means no hassles of replacing             batteries.  
  • Features: 3 Settings. Steady Light, Fast Flashing Light & Slow Flashing Light.         Change the light in just one click.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size:           XS = Width .78” or 2CM X Length 10.63” – 13.78” or (27-35) CM

                          S = Width 1” or 2.5CM X Length 13.78” – 16.93” or (35-43) CM

                          M = Width 1” or 2.5CM X Length 15.75” – 18.90” or (40-48) CM

                          L = Width  1” or 2.5CM X Length 17.71” – 20.47” or (45-52) CM

                        XL = Width  1” or 2.5CM X Length 20.47” – 23.62” or (52-60) CM  

  • To prevent the lights from being pressed and flashing on during delivery, we make a small plastic film to stop the switch. When you receive the collar, just pull the film out and the lights will work.

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